Water Damage

Has a leaky pipe damaged your home? Not only does water damage cause significant damage to your home, but it will also destroy your carpet and carpet padding if the water leak is not repaired quickly.  Don’t want until it’s too late. Being proactive in this situation is paramount to success.

Finding and repairing the source of the leak allows us to come in and take care of your carpet. Our goal is to stop you from spending money on a new carpet you don’t need.

Our reliable water damage repair solution will make the water damage to your carpet disappear. Let us walk you through our simple three-step process for water damage repair.

The first step in this process is to extract any moisture from your carpet entirely. Moisture is the enemy of your carpet and needs to be removed very quickly. We achieve this by using a high powered water extraction system.

The rapid extraction of water from your carpet will prevent bacteria, mold, and other contaminants from colonizing your carpet.

The second step in the water damage repair process is to arrange large industrial fans around the impacted area to expedite drying times. The fans will help you get back into your home even faster.

After the water has been removed and your carpet dried, we conduct a walk through to look for damage to your carpet.

Should we find that your carpet needs to be restretched or your carpet padding needs to be replaced, we will make all necessary repairs to bring your carpet back to OEM status.

That is all there’s to it. Three steps and your water damage problem is taken care of for good.  Trust Carpet Repair Saint Paul for all of your carpet care needs.  Call us at 651-350-0795 today.