Carpet to Tile Transition

Have you remodeled your home recently?  Did you cross all the T’s and dot the I’s only to discover that your carpet to tile transition does not look right? This is happening all of the time, especially after a renovation.

This is an issue that Carpet Repair Saint Paul can handle with ease. We are perfectionists, and we want your property to look spectacular after an upgrade not worse.

Carpet that is not transitioned to tile correctly generally looks terrible and will wear prematurely, leading to a costly carpet replacement. In addition to an expensive replacement bill, a worn carpet to tile transition is a hazard that could end up injuring someone, which we all know could end up in a lawsuit.

We don’t want you to have to replace your carpet before you have to or end up in court over something that is easy to fix.

We have the right repair solutions for your carpet to tile transition issues.

Tack Strips: Carpet that is even with the tile requires an easy re-stretching to repair the problem.

Rubber Reducers: This solution is primarily for commercial clients. We replace time-worn and failing rubber reducer quickly.

In an environment in which a lawsuit over a trip and fall accident is a valid concern, having these rubberized reducers replaced ASAP will save you from losing a substantial amount of money and losing your entire livelihood.

Transition Strips: We carry three styles, metal, wood, and rubber. We don’t usually utilize transition strips in residential settings unless there’s a height differential between the tile flooring and the carpet.

Our carpet repair technicians are attentive and familiar with the ins and outs of carpet repair.  Do not be afraid to call us with your questions or concerns.

We’re here to serve you. To discuss your carpet to tile transition issues or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 651-350-0795 today.