Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is famous for its affordability, durability, and wide availability. It is this practicality that has made Berber carpet famous across the U.S.

Berber carpet differs from conventional cut pile carpet in many ways. The most obvious is in the way that it is created.

When the yarn is woven into the backing, the carpet loops are not cut. This looped design helps Berber carpet repel stains and withstand more foot traffic.

A cut pile carpet alternatively, has its yarn a cut after being woven into the backing. Cut pile carpets are more vulnerable to stain and spills than Berber carpet.

While Berber carpet has many advantages over cut pile carpet, it does have a vulnerability to be aware of. Berber carpet has the potential of being snagged by sharp objects.

If you found yourself in this situation, this is the perfect time to call Carpet Repair Saint Paul.

Our Berber carpet repair solutions are economical, permanent and undetectable. We have two repair solutions that we can use depending on the level of damage to your Berber carpet.

If your Berber carpet has sustained slight damage, we can weave in new fiber loops to repair your carpet.

If your carpet has considerable damage, we’ll remove the damaged section of carpet and insert a brand new piece of Berber carpet.

We can repair the most sophisticated designs on your Berber carpet. Our repair technicians are highly skilled and will make sure the new piece of carpet completely blends into the existing pattern of your carpet.

Trust Carpet Repair Saint Paul for all of your carpet repair needs. Call us today at 651-350-0795 to schedule your appointment with us.