Carpet Stretching

Are you looking for an answer to why your carpet has buckled over the last few months? Carpet Repair Saint Paul knows exactly what is going on with your carpet.

The carpet in your home is wavy because the carpet has become untethered from the tack strip.  This creates a situation where your carpet begins to shift and move with foot traffic.

It is unnoticeable in the beginning, but over time you can start to see ripple and waves. This causes a trip and fall hazard, which is particularly dangerous for the elderly and severely disabled.

Carpet Repair Saint Paul is dedicated to keeping your home safe, and we have the right solution to make this happen.

Our carpet stretching service will remove the wrinkles and ripples in your carpet and make it safe to walk on again.

The power stretcher tool that we use pulls your carpet nice and tight so that we can attach it to the tack strip without difficulty.

Carpet stretching will extend the service life of your carpet and stops you from having to spend top dollar replacing your carpet prematurely.

You can trust Carpet Repair Saint Paul to show up on time and ready to deliver high-quality results every time. We look forward to serving you. Contact us at 651-350-0795 to set up an appointment.